The main tech tree in Power Matrix consists of 60 technologies, ten each in six categories which each must be developed sequentially. The player can research these technologies by clicking an unresearched technology (which is either first or falls after a researched technology in a category sequence) to open an info window, then the "Research" button. The cost of developing each technology is *not* determined by its position on the tech tree, but instead by how many technologies the player has already researched.

Technologies may be transacted between strangers on the in-game marketplace for between 25,000 and 500,000 cash, or given among contacts within the same energy network. Each player-researched technology may only be sold on the market twice, but may always be shared within the network.

Development cost tableEdit

Technology # (n) Research time (60*1,4^(n-1)) Technology points (25*1,4^(n-1)) Coins per hour (30*1,4^(n-1))
1 1:00 25 30
2 1:24 35 42
3 1:58 49 56
4 2:45 69 82
5 3:50 96 115
6 5:23 134 161
7 7:32 188 226
8 10:32 264 316
9 14:45 369 443
10 20:40 517 620
11 28:56 723 868
12 40:30 1012 1215
13 56:42 1417 1701
14 1:19:22 1984 2381
15 1:51:07 2778 3334
16 2:35:34 3889 4667
17 3:37:48 5445 6534
18 5:04:55 7623 9147
19 7:06:53 10672 12806
20 9:57:38 14941 17929

Economics of the in-game marketEdit

In the in-game market, as of July 2013, clear patterns have developed in technology pricing. Many players choose to develop the coal and gas technologies as their inital choices when prices were cheap (as seen in the above table), presumably due to their immediate applicability to a starting player's network. These technologies are abundantly available on the market and sell for cheap prices straight up to level 10. Somewhat rarer and more expensive is hydro technology, with wind and solar technology rarer still and commanding higher prices, and bio technology usually having only a few rights for sale in the higher levels and fetching the highest prices.

Observing this, a wise player would develop the rarer technologies, wind, solar, and bio, even if his or her network could not benefit from them. It would be profitable to buy the abundant technologies with proceeds earned from selling the rarer technologies, at least until these market imbalances correct themselves.

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