These are the assumptions for this comparison of power plants:

- Coal mine costs are folded into the statistics of the coal plant

- Gas drill costs are folded into the statistics of the gas power plants as a level 2 facility. This will support *either* the combined cycle plant or the combined heat and power plant, not both.

- This comparison assumes NO technology applies. A comparison at level 25 is planned in which ALL technology applies.

- Wind and solar numbers are based on my estimations of their yield from looking at a week's worth of weather projections. These are rough estimates and results will naturally vary a great deal, though in general the game's weather is very unfriendly to these power plants.

- The gas power plants cost technology points to upgrade. This was not factored into the financial analysis, because I was not sure how to valuate them, but the tech point investment is consequential (it's worth the same as your second researched technology), and gets much more so as the levels increase.

- Negative numbers in the "Hours until plant pays for itself" comparison indicate that the plant is unprofitable and will never pay for itself.


Level 5
Coal CC Gas CHP Gas Hydro Tidal On Wind Off Wind Photo Solar Bio
Capitalization: how much did it cost to upgrade to level 5?
Cash 7335 2160 2155 1075 12945 720 25890 570
Tech 44
Output (no tech): how much does it help you meet your power needs?
Power 700 899 345 35 187 27 350 90
Economy (no tech): how well does it do for your bottom line? Lower is better!
hourly$/power 0.24 0.54 0.38 1.14 1.98 1.85 1.9 0.44
Profitability: if you sell all your power to the city at 1.3 per unit per hour, how much money do you make an hour?
+$/hour 742 683.24 317.4 5.6 -127.16 -14.85 -210 77.4
Satisfaction (no tech): what does it contribute to your :) total, which in turn affects your growth rate?
:) 16 22 8 8 19 13 19 9
Output/100$ Capital: how much output did you get for how much you spent on it?
9.5 41.6 16.0 3.3 1.4 3.8 1.4 15.8
Satisfaction/1000$ Capital: how much satisfaction did you get for how much you spent on it?
2.2 10.2 3.7 7.4 1.5 18.1 0.7 15.8
Satisfaction/Economy: in the long run, are the smiles a good deal, or are they costing you dearly? (higher is better)
66.7 40.7 21.1 7.0 9.6 7.0 10.0 20.5
Profitability/Capital: this is a measure of balance between the initial cost and long term profit
0.10 0.32 0.15 0.01 -0.01 -0.02 -0.01 0.14
hours until pays for self: how long until the plant's profits equal what you spent on it (all subsequent earnings are gravy)?
9.9 3.2 6.8 192.0 -101.8 -48.5 -123.3 7.4

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